Belgian Chambers, Studio Globo et OKAN

🌱 Our recent kayaking trips have been like planting seeds of ideas in the minds of the participants. During one of these trips, Théodore and his colleagues from the Belgian Chambers collected several kilos of floating debris from the Brussels canal, a freshly planted seed that could lead to a bigger ecological awareness.

🌼 Sarah and her colleagues from @studioglobo on the other hand are already at the blooming flower stage. Well aware of environmental issues, they came to deepen their knowledge during their kayaking trip. Through their educational programs like “Mission SDG,” they can raise awareness among young people about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), thus inspiring new generations to commit to protecting our planet.

🌿 The students from OKAN, who also joined us on a kayaking trip, represent young sprouts ready to bloom. After visiting the Brussels north wastewater treatment plant (they did a DUO trip), they deepened their understanding of water pollution through our activity. For these seeds to turn into flowers, they still need to adopt the solutions we presented in their daily lives.

🌸 we hope that our activity encourages all participants to limit the use of single-use plastics, to disconnect their roofs from the sewer system, and contribute to increasing biodiversity.