Ethibel, Gerd, Sara avec des amis, Le Parlement Bruxellois, Umicore

✨ Sara and her friends, along with Gerd and his friend, spent a fulfilling Saturday with us. It was a day well spent, indeed!
💰 Ethibel was one of the groups who helped us with our brand audit. Their interest in the number of recycled bags found in the canal was evident, especially after their recent research on the topic!
🤝 Aurélie Czekalski and David Weytsman from the Brussels Parliament also participated in this sensibilisation activity. It’s heartening to witness politicians getting involved in the well-being of the Canal, which holds such iconic significance in Brussels.
🙌 Umicore joined us for a teambuilding session, and they came out of the water with buckets full of trash. It’s evident they had a great time while making a positive impact while supporting us at the same time.
🛶 We are excited to have more people join us on this meaningful journey of cleaning and preserving the Canal. Together, we can create a cleaner and greener environment!