Groupe scolaire de Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, collègues de Muntpunt Bibliothèque & entreprise Magabel, Banque Nationale de Belgique et Optimy

Teaching the young ones to care for our environment is a mission close to our hearts. It was therefore great to host a school group from Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, and see the motivated faces of these new kids on the block 💚📚 .
Muntpunt library, a place to read, learn and get informed, organised a sustainability campaign and therefore joined us on the water to learn themselves about the road to clean waterways.

But it doesn’t end there. The Magabel company, actively dedicated to reducing water use and harmful cleaning products in the daily care of households, have animated the canal sidewalk with a family picnic and loads of delicious food! They brought their sustainable practices also outside their company: they used reusable plastic cups and glass bottles and of course efficiently cleaned everything up! That’s the way to picnic 🧺🌳.

Last but not least, financial expertise met environmental responsibility, as colleagues from the Nationale Bank van België / Banque nationale de Belgique and Optimy joined us for an afternoon of learning and fishing out the trash!
Are you interested in a participating in the canal clean up yourself? Check out our website!