Sint-Jozefscollege Torhout, Deloitte, Xavier et Inge

🚣‍♂️ Who let the boys out? Sint-Jozefscollege Torhout descended down upon the canal once again with a group of motivated students. Besides lots of single-use plastics they found some road signalling equipment of which we know it couldn’t have been blown into the water by the wind.
💼 the A-team from Deloitte took a break from their regular work to do their good deed of the week. There’s no better way to bond with colleagues than being stuck in a kayak together, armed only with a bucket and a net for clean and green waterways.
🙌 Xavier, Karel, and Inge also joined us with their friends bringing their enthusiasm to the canal cleanup. They did an amazing job, and we are truly grateful for their dedication!
🌍 Let’s continue to inspire others and make a positive impact in our environment and communities. Together, we can create cleaner and greener waterways!