Two engineers, Sea Shepherd, a motivated duo, a beautiful family and the youth from Chiro Mutsaard

Saturday, it’s Sunny, a NEW BRIDGE is being placed over the canal and New Kids are HAVING FUN kayakking while fishing the trash out of the WATER. 

👩‍🎓👩‍🎓 Annelies and her sister, a happy duo and both studying to become engineers, came to see the big challenges Brussels is facing in his water management. Their bin was filled with trash in no time.

🦈 🐳 Katrien and Eva are both brave Sea Shepherd Global crew members fighting to protect our oceans and the life within it. After talking to each other multiple times through video calls they met for the first time kayaking together for Canal It Up!

🌡️Marguerite and her friend, an incredibly motivated duo, had an amazing catch as well, no trash lacking. Afterwards they stayed a bit longer enjoying the sun and rich conversations while sharing interesting insights about the challenges the world is facing.

🏆 Ariella, her partner and their 5 year old son live close by the canal. They were interested in kayaking for Canal It Up for a while now. The family did an amazing job and caught some of the biggest trash pieces of the day!

🌅 The youth is ready to change the tide! Ten youngsters of Chiro Mutsaard were overly motivated to clean up the canal in no time. They brought an extra inflatable kayak which appeared not to be so reliable in the end. We took the sinking duo out of the water before it would be too late while the others were laughing heartily. They brought snacks, music and laughter creating early summer vibes at the canal and attracting curious visitors.