Virginie & Charles, Tamara & Alberto, Mikael & Nathan, Marie, Aditi, Janne & Francesca

Two sundays ago, a lot off courageous people came to  help us out, it was real Belgian weather as we normally know it… ⛅🌧️⛅🌧️⛅🌧️

The first ones, Virginie with her son Charles, were lucky… ☀️🌤️ Charles didn’t really like the look and the smell of the water. And he was right, we explained to him that it’s not supposed to be like this… Bravely he kept on fishing for plastic trash.

Afterwards Tamara and Alberto, and Mikael and Nathan from Sweden filled the kayak seats. They started well, but then it didn’t stop raining!  Both boats did their very best collecting trash during the heavy rain. Our Swedish friends told us that in Stockholm it is possible to swim in one part of the canal, as it is in many cities in Europe like Amsterdam for example. We are very far away from acceptable water quality in Brussels. Again, it’s not supposed to be like this.

Then the last group, 4 lovely girls, rolled up their sleeves. Marie, Aditi, Janne and Francesca. The beginning was promising but then it started raining cats and dogs, again. Saying that you can’t get any wetter than you already are they kept on going with enthusiasm. Aditi, originally from India, was impressed that the water was so dirty. She knows the canals in India and she laughed: « come on! This is Europe, it can’t be so dirty! » But it is… She almost tasted the water… I said you better not drink the water. She replied: « oh I’m sorry… I thought it was magic water, it’s so green »

We are not supposed to use the canal as a place were we can dump the sewage water and all our trash. It’s not supposed to be like this.