A nest of spies

These New Kids were lucky to be on the water with a bright shining sun. At least some of them. Jolien brought her two young daughters who at first weren’t too enthusiastic, but coming out of the water with a full bucket of treasures (trash) they clearly enjoyed the hunt.
Sophie brought three friends from Spain where one of them, Antonio, started his own organisation Terraction to fight litter in his local parc in Zaragoza. Same problem and same dedication to try to change something about our trash overflowing society.
Veronique brought her boyfriend on her trip to Brussels and Maxim came with a mission. He had some research to do since he will be involved in the upcoming feasability study of The Port of Brussels about finding a solution to effectively stop the trash in the canal. Maybe our green, mobile trash barrier, which will be under investigation, will turn out to be the best solution..