Buumplanters, JCI Belgium and Jeunes Citoyens Actifs

😎🔥🍀 Saturday 13 August was a warm day… very warm, and the canal displayed its classic bright green colour of hot Summer days. But it would have taken more to put off our brave Canalituppers of the day. We welcomed Victoria from JCI Belgium and her group of Jeunes Citoyens Actifs, Katia and her godson, and Anke, who came to celebrate her birthday with us – and some friends of course. 🙂
You might have seen them already, planting trees or hammering some planks together to create wonderful urban furniture. But on 18 August, they used their biceps for another kind of exercice – the Buumplanters 🌳 canaled it up! We were really happy to welcome them and are looking forward to other encounters in the future. Marie, Céline and her friend accompanied them on the water.