Elena, Gemma, Helena & Luis, Bart & Naomi, Christine & son, Gaetane, Lionel & Noemie

It was a very international cleanup day with a first multicultural team from Spain, Portugal and Mozambique. Elena, Gemma, Helena and Luis all live in Brussels and came to see the trash in the canal with their own eyes.

Afterwards came Bart from Belgium and Naomi from the UK. Naomi already became a regular but for Bart who works for Coördinatie Zenne it was the first time. Both live in Brussels and would like to be proud of a clean canal.

The next hour Christine, from California, and her son joined us. Together with us they noticed the amount of dead animals in the water, birds and rats.

The last group was Gaetane, Lionel and Noemie. For one reason or another we constantly got paper bags blown into our faces. Maybe this was related to the bins in the street next to the canal, full of trash, and opened with the trash falling out of the bins. Why are these bins not emptied?