FC Eliza, Ready Beton, Maïté’s team, XL’J Maison des Jeunes and Cowboy bicycles

If everything we find in the canal would be worth something we would be RICH. These last days trash floats on the water in ABUNDANCE.
FC Eliza followed their competitors FC Motivée and Les filles du block into our kayaks. They found the weirdest item ever taken to shore. We still could’t figure out what it was. Anybody has an idea?
A while ago Ready Beton donated us a new kayak. Of course they had to test it out themselves while fishing for trash and take some pictures. It clearly was a winners team. Many thanks to them for their help!
Maïté’s team must have set the record of downsizing a team from 6 to 2 in a matter of days. But they also set another record, that of bringing the most Deposithon signatures relative to the number of participants! Great job!
XL’J Maison de Jeunes had lots of fun on the water, just like Sabine and her friend. Team Cowboy joined as well for a eco-friendly team building.