Greenpeace Youth, Coordination Senne and The Brusseleirs on Brussels Waterdays

One week ago on the day of our activity for the Brussels Water Days, Greenpeace Youth Belgium came to Brussels for an afternoon of trash picking. Some of them in our kayaks on the canal, others in duos in the surrounding streets. They showed lots of enthusiasm and realised that stricter measures like a deposit system on packaging are necessary to stop this constant flow of trash.

Afterwards, Sophie from Coördinatie Zenne – Coordination Senne , one of the organisers of the Water Days, descended onto the water of the canal accompanied by a friend. Together we discussed the projects that could lead to a cleaner and greener canal and Senne. They clearly enjoyed their trip.

The last two duos of the day didn’t come from far, Brussels itself. Karolien and her daughter and two friends. They were happy to do some sports and a good deed at the same time.