International school of Brussels, Students from Theux, Nicole, Chris, Chris and co., Initio Belgique, Liesbeth, Geneviève, Student from Vives and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science

🥶 It is COOOOOLD, but our kayaking trips continu all year round! These brave people joined us in November and December. We had students from the International School of Brussels as well as from the school of Theux. Nicole, Martine, Chris, another Chris, and Zoe faced up to the rain together. They had a hell of a ride and were very enthusiastic coming out of the water bringing back a cushion and a Christmas ribbon, on top of the numerous plastic bottles and cans of course.
Initio Belgium wasn’t stopped by the cold either. Kayaking in warm waterproof clothes is just as much fun as in the summer! Afterwards Geneviève and Liesbeth met for the first time on the kayak, and they had a lot of fun together, they even found a journal.
Students from Hogeschool VIVES Bruges came all the way to Brussels to discover the capital and no better way to see Brussels than with a kayak trip on the Canal. One duo came back with a sandal and crazy enough another duo came back with the other sandal. After their kayak trip they attached some feathers to Henry the Cormorant, bit by bit his wings are filling up. The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science came for a teambuilding on the 1st of December, a good way to start the last month of the year!