Lily, Alice, Julie, Cathy, Pierre, Lucille, Beth & Tom, Moïra & Rémi, Lupé aka the duck whisperer, Ines & Abby, Arthur, Amber & Goran

Friends who Canal It Up together, stay together!
A group of no less than 8 childhood friends, coronaproof divided in two groups, lent us a helping hand. With no fear whatsoever for rain and wind, especially wind, they helped us clean the canal and brightened it up with their enthousiasm. They found a fire extinguisher: one of the remarkable finds in a long time. Many thanks to Lily, Alice, Julie, Cathy, Pierre, Lucille, Beth and Tom.

A lot of enthousiasm as well when Moïra and Rémi hit the water. They were very eager to help clean the canal, and the sun noticed – at the end of the summer it showed it’s warm face one more time. But we think the charming Lupé also played her part. Apparently she’s a duck whisperer. We lost count how many of our bird friends came to say hello and show their appreciation.

The medal of courage goes to Ines as it was her first time in a kayak! For her first time she immediately chose a good cause – of course with a little help from Abby. A very reliable source (Ines herself) confirmed that this won’t be her last time in a kayak. We hope to see you again on the canal one day!

The price for endurance goes to Arthur, Amber and Goran. Approximately 2,5 hours on the water, all the way to the lock in Molenbeek, with a slowly setting sun and a lot of thankfulness from the locals on the quay: great work!

To all our helping hands: thank you!