Semetis, King's College London Alumni, architecture students of the VUB, Rudy, Sara and Tille with friends and family

Our efforts to clean up the canal are going strong, with new groups joining us twice a week. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting colleagues from Semetis , alumni from King’s College London Alumni – Belgium , and many other friends and families who were eager to participate in this worthwhile cause. It is truly heartening to see how different groups are finding their way to us to come together for a common goal which are clean and green waterways.
We also had a group of first year architecture students from the VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel , who received the task to design a new office for Canal It Up taking into account what we do and the themes we work on. They will present us 40 scale models at the end of May. Of course it makes us dream of a new office perfectly designed for Canal It Up’s needs!