Teachers, FOD Finance and VEKA

The teachers of a new school that recently opened its doors in Molenbeek started their new adventure by a kayaking adventure. It provided them with a wonderful opportunity to bond and get to know each other in an active and enjoyable manner, just before the start of the school year.
We also had the pleasure of hosting colleagues from FOD Financiën / SPF Finances and the Vlaams Energie- en Klimaatagentschap .
By the way, did you happen to notice the football they fished out of the water? Interestingly, we’ve encountered quite a few balls in the past month. It seems that the new sports fields at the BECO park aren’t entirely “ball-proof.” On more than one occasion, we’ve seen children on the canal’s banks attempting to rescue their footballs and basket balls, but once they fall in, retrieving them becomes quite a challenging task. ⚽