The First Minglers, Violette, a floating bicyle, Nathalie and Froukje

On 20 August, Violette had prepared a surprise for her improv group and organised a kayak trip for them. They found a bicycle, hanging to a ladder just below water surface, and had a fun time getting it into the kayak. Thanks to this prized possession, they secured the first place of the day in terms of the weight of the collected trash.
After them came our first MINGLERS! We were so excited to welcome these first participants in our Let’s Mingle Summer activity. The start was slightly awkward since they didn’t know each other and we had to wait a bit for the BX1 journalists but most of them hit it off, talking about engineering for some, finishing arm in arm for others. BRUZZ also came to immortalize the scene. We are really curious to see whether some of our minglers will still be in contact within a year of now… If that’s the case, let us know!
And to end the day, Nathalie came with her 6 year-old son and Froukje brought some friends. These guys even own a kayak and love to go paddling on the Dijle but that Sunday, they felt like having a change of scenery.