The scouts of Jette, Flora, Ilse, Tom and co, minglers, BPC, Oris and Optimy

October started with good weather, and our boats were still full! The Scouts Jette went on the water, and even though they predicted some heavy rain, they were greeted in the morning with rays of sunshine. After them several duos followed suit, among which a Mingler match, and everybody had a great time exploring the canal!
On Wednesday, a group of colleagues from BPC Group got out on the water while some heavy winds didn’t make it too easy for them, luckily they could not be missed with their fluo vests. Philip, from Oris , a watch making company, and his father joined the group to discover what you really experience out on the water.
After them, an enthusiastic group from Optimy rolled up their sleeves for some trash action and shining smiles.