Vanessa aka Vanessito

New kid on the block, Vanessa aka Vanessito aka The Cook, once she invites you for diner at her place, you’ll make sure to invite yourself next time for more of her delicious food. Born in Ecuador, she came to Belgium 10 years ago. Since then she learnt French, became an osteopath, started her own practice, became Belgian, got elected during the last communal elections, got to know all the bars in Brussels where you can dance on the table and became a beautiful women you just want to have around. Who does better? We went out fishing for plastic but returned a bit sooner than we wanted, too much green algae, standing water and dirty stuff floating around. #beatplasticpollution #actionaroundthecorner #Sainctelette #letstryagain #Beerontheheadbellydancer