Isabelle, Jessica, Annika, Marlies, Maarten and girlfriend, Eva and boyfriend, javier and Luc AKA The Doers

NEW NEW NEW kids, only with their support are we able to strive for a cleaner and greener canal and Senne. Every week, new volunteers come to the canal to do a shout out for the solutions we propose, the green islands with aquatic plants, a green mobile trash barrier to stop all the trash and to stop all the sewage overflows.

The first two bubbles this weekend were all very motivated girls. There was enough trash in the water to easily fill their bins. Afterwards they enjoyed some sunshine to warm up again. ☀️

Maarten and his girlfriend, both from Halle, were next. Maarten is radiologist and was triggered by the Reizen Waes episode on television. While fishing for trash they found an unopened can of Russian beer as a trophy. Dreaming out loud, they talked about starting a similar project in Halle. Go for it guys! 👨‍⚕️

Afterwards Eva and her boyfriend got into the water. Eva works for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society , the organisation that protects marine wildlife worldwide. They too would like to start a similar project in Liège. Again, Go for it guys :)! 🛥️

The last ones, Javier The Brusseleir and Luc The Photographer, had to look a bit harder to find trash. Let’s just say that is a good thing, just to end on a positive note. 📷

We’re already impatient to meet the new New Kids next weekend.