JOETZ vzw, Arktos vzw, Mauro, Ellen met vrienden, Proximus and TCS

⛱️ JOETZ vzw volunteers from the Canary Islands did a trash fishing trip on their way to their windsurf camp. Their experience highlighted the unfortunate reality that water cleanliness is a concern across Belgium.
🌍 sTeam a partnership between Arktos vzw , JAC, Emino and Groep INTRO vzw introduced a group of young adults to Canal It Up. Although initially a bit apprehensive about being on the water, they ended up having a safe and delightful experience!
🌟 Over the weekend, Mauro and Ellen also joined in. Ellen rallied a group of 9 friends to challenge the canal’s waters together to make a positive impact. In their exploration, they found an array of intriguing items.
🏞️ Colleagues from Proximus and TCS also gathered numerous bins full of trash. Their efforts marked their good deed of the day. Hopefully, everybody embraced our message and shared it within their circles.