Maha, Kenn, Maëlle & Giulio, Elena & Romain, Khiara, Lucia, Susannah & Loïs

Stormy weather for the last weekend of September. We had some cancellations, but not from these brave hearts!

We started off with Maha and her group, she brought along Kenn, Maëlle and Giulio. The group after them had cancelled, so Maha and Kenn continued and explored the other side of the starting point. I almost thought I had lost them, so focused they were! 

Equally motivated, Elena and Romain got the kayak back in time and departed to return with a full bucket they tried to decorate with a bouquet of flowers and a plastic duck called Patricia. Elena is also part of the group Ré-action from the French group MakeSense, who inform people about eco-related matters. I also had to call them back, just in time for the next group of Youngster New Kids.

Khiara, Lucia, Susannah and Loïs, who know each other from the international school, came to give a welcome helping hand!  We must admit that what they brought back didn’t smell like roses.

Let’s hope all these good vibes will bring us more solutions to make the canal a better place.