Robin aka Robin from the Hood aka Dr Trashless

Latergram of last week-end when we thaught only going with two in a kayak was ok.  

At least there is one positive point about this whole situation and that is the ecological impact it has on mostly CO2 emission and also trash that is thrown out in the wilderness.  Everybody who can  is at home and keeps its trash there.  😊 

This picture is from before the strict lockdown.  There was only some trash here and there, except for a big chunck of assembled trash between a big boat and the dock, but we couldn’t reach!  

Thanks to this New Kid on The Block (kind of literally), Robin aka Robin from the Hood aka Dr Trashless!  He lives together with friends with whom they all try to live trashless and they succeed well at doing it!  He makes his own cleaning products for example.  We advanced quickly with his strong arms.  At the moment he is one of the heroes keeping the hospitals going and had to cancel his holidays to stay there.

For now, let’s all stay put in our hopefully cosy homes.  Try not to create too much waste and at least keeping it at home (and realise how much it is).  Let’s see how the planet heals let’s learn